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Overview of Goals for the Meeting – Ulf Riebesell


SESSION I: Carbonate Chemistry

Session Chair: Dick Feely Rapporteur: Kitack Lee

Best Practices: What must be measured (and how), what needs to be reported (and how); including pH scales – Andrew Dickson

Approaches and tools to manipulate the carbonate chemistry – Jean-Pierre Gattuso



SESSION II: Experimental Design of Perturbation Experiments

Session Chair: Mike Thorndyke Rapporteur: Jens Nejstgaard

Sampling designs and designing experiments to maximize statistical power – Jon Havenhand

Bioassays, batch culture & chemostat experimentation - Julie LaRoche

Pelagic mesocosms – Ulf Riebesell

Benthic mesocosms – Steve Widdicombe

In situ perturbations systems & natural CO2 venting sites – Jim Barry


List of key questions


SESSION III: Measurements of CO2 sensitive Processes

Session Chair: Vicki Fabry Rapporteur: Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez

Cell metabolism, pH homeostasis – Hans-Otto Pörtner

Organic and export production, elemental ratios – Anja Engel

Benthic calcification – Chris Langdon

Pelagic calcification – Barney Balch



SESSION IV: Data reporting and data usage

Session Chair: Bronte Tilbrook Rapporteur: Marion Gehlen

Data normalization – Richard Geider

Needs of modelers – Andreas Oschlies

Data reporting and archiving – Anne-Marin Nisumaa



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