WP 14 - Dissemination, exploitation and management of knowledge
What do we do? - Science

WP 14 leader: Carol Turley    CT (at) pml.ac.uk   PML



  • To organize a system for and carry out dissemination of the research-based knowledge, expertise and skills created by EPOCA to key users such as Policy makers (in climate change, marine, energy, biodiversity), Advisory bodies, Research managers, Management bodies (e.g. environment agencies), Industry, Conservation groups and NGOs
  • To ensure that the guidelines on intellectual property rights are enforced
  • To document, archive, and conserve project results as well as deliverables so that they are available as start points to other projects and research programmes


Description of work and role of participants:

All partners will contribute to the tasks below.

T14.1: Establish a project web site comprising (1) a publicly accessible area to present the activities, techniques, and results of the project and (2) a secure (password protected) area for internal project communication.

T14.2: Prepare a series of fact/information sheets and high level presentation packages aimed at policy makers needs and through the formation of a Reference User Group for two way flow of information and needs. A smaller "communications expert group" will act as the "spokespeople" for the consortium.

T14.3: Communicate with society through on-line debates, web site, media interviews, press releases, events and articles in popular magazines, production of fact sheets and consortium consensus responses to frequently asked questions and exhibitions (e.g. at consortium member institute open days). We will also provide guidance for scientists to communicate with the media, public and policy makers.

T14.4: IPR panel will watch that the guidelines on intellectual property rights and enforced. It will also   establish a final plan for the use and dissemination of foreground.

T14.3: Participation in Policy Advisory Committees, Working Groups and Boards, participation in workshops and conferences



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