WP 16 - Training
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WP 16 leader: Philippe Saugier    philippe (at) carboschools.org   PSIEP



  • To train and educate young researchers (PhDs and Postdocs) in research approaches, theories, and methods through local lectures, staff exchanges, secondments, research theses work, lectures, intensive training courses
  • To train secondary school teachers in ocean acidification research and interdisciplinary project-teaching, and facilitate access to educational materials in order to disseminate these resources to a large number of teachers and young people in Europe


Description of work and role of participants:

T16.1: Training workshop on the fundamentals of marine carbon biogeochemistry. A study for scientists and students on the global carbon system, best practices for carbon system measurements and the latest scientific understanding of ocean acidification. [UiB, IOC-UNESCO)

T16.2: Training workshop on the fundamentals [UCAM)

T16.3: Training workshop on methodologies and scientific results of perturbation experiments to understand ecosystem and biogeochemical responses and feedbacks to ocean acidification [UiB, IFM-GEOMAR)

T16.4: An exploratory educational activity will involve interested public aquariums into innovative educational approaches towards teachers, pupils and the general public, based on the experience respectively gained in aquariums involvement by the EUROCEAN network of excellence (2004-2008), and in teacher-scientist partnerships by CARBOOCEAN (2005-2009) and CARBOEUROPE (2004-2008) IPs through their CarboSchools joint educational activity. PhDs and postdocs involved in this WP will be invited to contribute to that activity as part of their training


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