WP 15 - Data management
What do we do? - Science

WP 15 leader: Reiner Schlitzer   Reiner.Schlitzer (at) awi.de    AWI



  • Provide a coordinated data management of EPOCA observations and model output


Description of work and role of participants:

T15.1: Data actions comprise: rescue; acquisition; harmonisation; assimilation; formatting; processing; archival; integration; quality control; attribution to PI; documentation; sharing; on line access; long term preservation; synthesis; dissemination; visualisation.

T15.2: The management components are: networking among the scientific partners; networking among the database partners; creating a data system according to international standards and protocols (ISO, SOAP, WSDL, XML, netCDF); structuring and organising data flow between themes, etc.; providing access to all EPOCA data (observations and model output); elaborating a comprehensive long term (data preservation) data management plan; providing an appropriate data policy with respect to ESF and ICSU/CODATA “Good scientific practice in research”, the WIPO copyright treaty, and the DOE-NIH Guidelines for Sharing Data and Resources; organising and participating to regular data and information management meetings.



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