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Themes and objectives of EPOCA


The overall strategy of EPOCA is to cover all areas related to ocean acidification and its consequences and to address the most pressing questions. Research and dissemination of results are organized in four closely integrated themes. Theme 1 focuses on the past and present, studying temporal trends (past 20 ky through the industrial period to the present) and spatial variations (particularly in high latitude areas). That feeds into Theme 2, which investigates the biological responses and ecological consequences of ocean acidification relying particularly on a powerful approach, manipulative experiments in the laboratory and in mesocosms. Theme 3 exploites information from Themes 1 and 2 to help predict future changes in ocean biogeochemistry and ecosystems as well as corresponding feedback on climate. Finally, Theme 4 synthesizes results gathered in themes 1, 2 and 3 for business leaders, policy-makers and the general public. Interactions between themes are be both ways. For example, Theme 3 also provides critical information on the expected temporal and spatial changes of ocean acidification to enable meaningful experimental designs in Theme 2. Likewise, Theme 1 provides critical information on pH hotspots of major interest. Strategic choices had to be made in order to make the objectives consistent within the available funding.


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