EUROCEANS WP3.3 Meeting, CARBOOCEAN WP16/WP17 meeting
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Bern, 6-7 November, 2008


Goals of the meeting

The modeling groups and guests will gather to discuss the present status of work within EUROCEANS WP3.3. and CARBOOCEAN WP16-17 and discuss future directions.  Specific goals are:


1. discuss the status of the current coupled modeling efforts

2. discuss potential inclusion of new feedbacks into models and their analysis also in the light of the EPOCA project

3. define realistic final products for the ESM runs (feedbacks, acidification, CO2 sink)

4. discuss potential joint papers

5. work towards new simulation protocols for CARBOOCEAN year 4

6. discuss results of the ocean acidification analysis and the extended export productivity analysis

7. discuss the status of joint scientific paper on ocean acidification by Orr et al., submitted, and of the ocean acidification analysis in the Bern-NCAR model (Steinacher et al., BGD)

8. discuss status joint scientific paper on future changes in export productivity (Steinacher et al., in preparation)

9. address data archiving, data transfer and data access; technical comments about the state of the CarboOcean-EurOceans archive (inconsistencies, missing variables, grid information)

10. model-model and model-data comparison (for the Arctic; potential comparison of the same ocean model(s) in coupled and forced mode, namely interannual variability and trend particularly in the North Atlantic)


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