What do we do? - Meetings


A list of posters is available in the abstract book. Some are available as pdf files below.

  • Egilsdottir, Hrönn. Distribution of aragonite (CaCO3) forming organisms in relation to aragonite saturation in the Iceland Sea (PDF)
  • Engeland, Tom van. Evaluation of existing ecosystem models with regard to ocean acidification (PDF)
  • Hall-Spencer, Jason. Volcanic CO2 vents reveal the ecosystem effects of ocean acidification (PDF)
  • Martin, Sophie. Early development and molecular plasticity in the Mediterranean sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus exposed to CO2-driven acidification (PDF)
  • Motegi, Chiaki. Long-term effects of elevated pCO2 and temperature on prokaryotic community composition in mesopelagic waters (PDF)
  • Schwichtenberg, Fabian. First approaches of carbonate dissolution on the shelf (PDF)
  • Zittier, Zora. Synergistic impacts of ocean acidification and temperature increase on the physiology of Mytilus edulis (PDF)




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