EPOCA model-output archive
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The EPOCA model-output archive is a joint facility for EPOCA and CARBOOCEAN and it is available at http://ocmip5.ipsl.fr/FileFinderAR5

The EPOCA model-output archive contains 7 Earth System models:

  • BCCR / BCM-C model (Bergen)
  • IPSL / IPSL-CM4 model (Paris)
  • MOHC/HadCM3LC (UK Met. Office, Hadley Centre)
  • MPI-M / COSMOS  (MPIM, Hamburg)
  • UBERN / CSM1.4  (developed by NCAR; used by Bern)
  • UBERN / CCSM3 (developed by NCAR; used by Bern)
  • IFM / UVIC2.8 model  (developed by U. of Victoria, Canada; used by IfM, Kiel)

The standard output (OCMIP-4 guidelines) of these models in the archive are:

  • netCDF files
  • consistent file & variable names
  • annual means: 1860-2100
  • monthly means: 1860-1869, 1980-2009, 2090-2099

The model-output archive will be enhanced under EPOCA by:

  • more models
  • more simulations
  • more variables (pH, Omegas, CO32-, CO2*,HCO3-, fCO2, ...)

Different ways to exploit EPOCA Model-output archive:

  • Download files from DODS address … but files are big (often >1 Gb)
  • Manually access DODS files remotely, e.g., ferret


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